Machinable like wood, mouldbar like plastic, tenacious like metal.








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STONAGE is a next-generation Solid Surface, unique and exclusive due to its characteristics.

It is a composite material obtained by combining a natural mineral which the aluminum-tri-hydrate (ATH) and a high-quality acrylic resin, the acrylic PMMA polymer 100% pure, with total absence of polyester resin to ensure the color lasting stability.

It is produced through a "cast moulding" process by a low pressure injection into the mould especially designed and built to cope with all the demands of the market.

Once inside the mold, under accurate operating conditions, the material undergoes a chemical reaction, suitably catalyzed, which determines the final structure and the inherent characteristics of the STONAGE® solid surface.



The chemical, physical and mechanical structure that results is similar to a natural stone. A compact material with high functional and aesthetic performance, used to make flat and curved surfaces for furniture and architecture, with a strong visual impact.


Among the most significant advantages of STONAGE® there are:


Thanks to its impermeability to dirt, bacteria, viruses, and many chemical agents, STONAGE® is the ideal material for all those environments that require a high level of hygiene.

Fire resistance

His proven features of flame-retardant make it an ideal material for places where safety is the first criterion of choice.


 STONAGE® is a 100% biocompatible material, so in the event that it is released into the environment does not result in any pollution.



The high presence of natural mineral fillers such as ATH gives the material a substantial surface hardness can significantly resist scratches and chipping.



In the event of accidental damage to a certain extent the STONAGE® surface can be restored to its original state by a certified professional. Its composition and color, uniform throughout the whole thickness of its mass, allow you to perform cuts and gluing ensuring a flawless chromatic continuity.

Advanced technology

Being a solid surface, STONAGE® can be cut, thermoformed and bonded resulting,

therefore, extremely versatile and adaptable enough to meet and give life to the most remote and complex geometry that the human mind can conceive, guaranteeing stylistic freedom without boundaries.

Chromatic stability

Thanks to the excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, the colors of the STONAGE® products remain bright and unchanged in time keeping all their original brilliance.



Is a 100% recyclable material and does not emit volatile compounds.

Ease in cleaning

The compact surface, hygienic, flame retardant and non-porous surface is durable and easy to clean with common household cleaning products.


Wide colour range

The use of special pigmenting in the production phase allows you to have STONAGE® in several hues.


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